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Synventive introduces new Quick-Couple Actuator


Exclusive, patented hot runner actuator design allows clamp plate removal without need for valve pin removal

Peabody, Mass. (September 28, 2010) . . . Synventive Molding Solutions, a global leader in hot runner system solutions, has introduced a new patented Quick Couple Actuator that enhances its readily removable and replaceable clamp plate design. The QCVG16, a product that was previously available only on a limited basis with certain Synventive hot runner nozzles, has been redesigned so it is now available for use with the company’s entire global product line of valve gate hot runner systems.

This new actuator offers numerous patented advantages for easy assembly, disassembly, and valve pin adjustment for moldmakers and molders, including:

-‘Quick couple’ design facilitates easy assembly and disassembly; top clamp plate can be removed without removing the QCVG16 actuator or valve pin, and valve pins can be removed without removing the QCVG16 actuator or top clamp plate

-Pin axial adjustment feature permits valve pin adjustment with or without top clamp plate

-Integrated self-bleeding feature reduces installation assembly time and cost by eliminating need to bleed air from hydraulic lines

“This new actuator makes valve gate hot runner maintenance and valve pin adjustment significantly easier for users,” said Brian Bechard, President of Synventive North America. “By simplifying installation and maintenance, this actuator reduces mold/hot runner downtime and allows for better finished part production.”

In addition to the above-mentioned features, the QCVG16 also incorporates a forgiving design where cooling lines for the hydraulic valve gate cylinders are drilled in the top clamp plate. This eliminates the need to run lines to each cylinder, thereby eliminating the chance of water leaking or condensing within the hot runner manifold pocket.

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