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Heat pipe technology is your assurance that every Synventive Machine Nozzle will automatically operate at the optimum processing temperature; never too hot, never too cold. Synventive Heat Pipe technology transfers heat at uniform temperature from machine barrel to nozzle tip, eliminating "hot spots" which cause process variables.

Many Synventive Injection Molding Machine Nozzles are completely heaterless.  Others require a single band heater, which is placed in a safe location at the back of the nozzle (machine end). The absence of multiple heaters and associated electrical hardware, eliminates downtime due to failure of this equipment.

  • Synventive Nozzles are available in lengths and thread sizes to fit all popular injection molding machines.  Including BIG Nozzles for use on very large machines with high injection volume.
  • Ideal for PVC: The inherent temperature uniformity of all Synventive machine nozzles makes our brand the ideal choice for processing PVC. Nozzles for PVC applications are offered in corrosion-resistant stainless steel and include nylon-style tips, which make this sensitive material easier to process.
  • Color Change: The uniform temperature of all Synventive machine nozzles facilitates excellent color change.
  • Mixing Nozzles – for improved color dispersion and reduced color loading.
  • Filter Nozzles – for filtering of all plastic melts.
  • Replaceable tips

Filter Nozzle


Mixing Nozzle


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