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Crates & Pallets

Plastic crates and pallets are some of the most rugged plastic parts molded in the world today.  The common recycling bin, tote box or heavy-duty pallet has to survive under heavy use and abuse, and keep performing.  Synventive hot runner systems offer these same attributes – extremely reliable and robust, these systems are field-proven to operate for years with minimum maintenance required.  Threaded, leak-proof nozzles and ‘Plug ‘n Play’ manifold and system designs are ideal product features that contribute to this longevity and excellent performance.

Value Proposition

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We provide our customers with hot runner systems that improve their molding operations and save them substantially for the life of the tool.

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Global Presence - Local Service

Synventive operates with manufacturing in North America, Europe and Asia and service and support operations in 26 countries.



Problem Shared - Problem Solved

Do you have a challenging application? Synventive will work with you to provide the best hot runner solution to meet your needs.

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