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Automotive interiors are becoming increasingly advanced in both styling and materials. Virtually everything that used to be metal within the vehicle cabin has been replaced with plastics, and the resins and composites used have become more complex; for instance, the instrument panel that used to be steel is now plastic, injection molded in materials with fillers such as Long Glass Fiber for durability and strength. Furthermore, the complex geometries of such parts require more complex hot runner systems that are valve gated, pre-wired, pre-plumbed, and must have the ability to gate on drastic angles. Door panels and consoles that are molded in a multitude of colors are often comprised of resins that can be difficult to color change.

At Synventive, we understand and embrace these challenges by providing systems that help provide optimal glass retention for glass filled parts or the best possible turnover for a color change application - and everything in between.

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We provide our customers with hot runner systems that improve their molding operations and save them substantially for the life of the tool.

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Global Presence - Local Service

Synventive operates with manufacturing in North America, Europe and Asia and service and support operations in 26 countries.



Problem Shared - Problem Solved

Do you have a challenging application? Synventive will work with you to provide the best hot runner solution to meet your needs.

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