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Molding Solutions Tech Center 

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Barnes Molding Solution_Neues Testzentrum mit Spritzgießmaschine Engel DUO 270017060  - ausgestattet Produkten der Molding Solutions Gruppe

Experience innovative Technology 


The  Molding Solutions Technology Center is equipped with an ENGEL DUO 2700 / 17060 injection molding machine, a 6-axis robot with 180 kg load-bearing capacity which removes the components, a materials dryer and a mold turner.  Get access to advanced hot runner family tooling: Synventive's DYNAMIC FEED® pressure control system and SYNFLOW® needle control technology enable the production of multiple parts of different sizes in one cycle. The machine is also operated with a GAMMAFLUX temperature controller and PRIAMUS pressure sensors to demonstrate process improvements through advanced control techniques. Take advantage of the opportunity to sample complex applications and use our integrated training center to learn more about the entire Molding Solutions product line. 


Increase Efficiency. Save Costs. Optimize Processes.

Family Mold

Ultimate Molding Efficiency

Mold multiple parts in one process, increasing your efficiency and decreasing your manufacturing footprint. Family molds allow molders to produce multiple, high quality parts of different geometries in the same shot. Come see a running family mold for yourself and learn more about how family molds can significantly reduce your operating costs.

Hot Runner

Mold The Perfect Part

The Molding Solutions Network consists of three hot runner brands, Männer, Thermoplay and Synventive, that can meet all of your hot runner needs. From precision medical molding, to high cavitation or large industrial parts, our hot runners have a solution for every application. See our hot runners and pin control technology in action today.

Process Control Systems

Proven Control Technology 


Temperature and pressure sensors from Priamus monitor the mold, the hot runner manifold and the valve gate nozzles. The signals are converted by a G24  hot runner temperature controller from Gammaflux. Last but not least, monitoring is carried out by the likewise in-house Connectia cloud platform.


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